The Parent-Teacher Committee

ptc_logoThe Parent-Teacher Committee (PTC) is a voluntary parent teacher organization with the goal of helping to improve and enhance the learning environment for the students of Saint Mark Lutheran School.  Each year a PTC committee is formed and regular meetings are scheduled.  Any parent or parents willing to serve on this committee are urged to please contact PTC President Elena Bryant at or the school office.


2017-2018 Officers

President Elena Bryant
Vice President Robin Kaha’ulelio
Secretary Jennifer Seibold
Treasurer Mele Manu

Members and Helpers

Kaui Dias
Andy Honda
Jennifer Seibold (S)
Keana O`Connor
Jessica Cameron
Robin Kaha’ulelio (VP)
Sara Alimoot
Sarah Mau
Angela Pond
Elena Bryant (P)
Cheryl Chang
Miki Henriques
Shawna Kalahiki
Mele Manu (T)
Miriam McMillian
Rachel Sitler
Dale Gibo
Pam Kong
David Gaudi

Tanya Flores

Special Events Coordinator Cissy Shaner


Event Coordinator Contact info:                                PTC President Contact info:

e-mail                                    e-mail
phone 247-5589                                                        phone 247-5589