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Christian Education: Basic Christian teachings are taught in all grades through the study of Old and New Testament Bible stories, Luther’s Small Catechism, memorization of scriptures, hymns, a weekly chapel service and especially through the examples of Christian teachers. One in Christ, is used to assist teachers in meeting goals of an effective Christian Education program. Since Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me do not hinder them” (Mathew 19:14) Saint Mark Lutheran School encourages students to embrace Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. At the same time, all people and their faiths are shown proper respect.

Reading: The reading program at Saint Mark Lutheran School is based on McGraw-Hill’s Reading Wonders. Lower grades supplement the text with phonics, vocabulary lists, classroom libraries and daily silent reading time. Having mastered the basic reading skills, the students in middle school study Literature – Classics through contemporary writings. All grades emphasize phonetic skill and context clues in decoding. Grades 2-8 use the Wordly Wise vocabulary book. A computerized Accelerated Reader Program is utilized by Grades 1-8.

Language Arts: Reading Wonders is used in grades K-5 and forms the basis for the teachings of listening, speaking and writing skills. All teachers supplement the textbooks to meet the individual needs of the students. Cursive handwriting instruction takes place in Grade 3. Grades 2-8 utilize the Shurley Method of English instruction. Middle school emphasizes grammar in writing.

Mathematics: Kindergarten uses a variety of textbooks and supplementary materials, including Holt Math and Scott Foresman. Scott Foresman Math is used in Grades 1-6. Students in the middle school grades have the opportunity to take Pre-Algebra and Algebra classes.

Social Studies: Kindergarten through Grade 2 study nature, family, community and self. Grades 3-5 study the various stages of development of the United States of America.. Grade 4 builds on Grade 3, including uses of American resources. Grade 4 also studies Hawaiiana and participates in an off-island class trip to further their study of Hawaii. Grades 6 focuses on world civilizations of the past and present and their effects on our world. Grade 7 studies world geography and Grade 8 studies U.S. History looking at the ideals and people that have shaped our country, and the direction that our country is going in today’s world.

Science: Lower grade classes use the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Science curriculum. Students in the middle school grades use Prentice-Hall Science, with Grade 6 studying Earth Science, Grade 7 studying Life Science, and Grade 8 studying physical Science.

Physical Education: Physical Education is a vital part of all grade levels of our elementary curriculum. P.E. classes also develop skills, coordination and further knowledge of games and sports appropriate for each grade. Saint Mark Lutheran School also uses the Presidential Youth Fitness program and participates in extracurricular sports, which include volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track for Grades 5-8.

Art: Weekly art instruction is offered to students at nearly all grade levels. Children are taught the elements of art as they experience working with a wide variety of media.

Computer: A networked computer lab containing over two dozen computers provides an introduction to computers for all grade levels. All grades use the computer to assist instruction in areas of Math and Reading. Learning games, computer drills and simulations are made available to the students. Keyboarding and word processing are taught in Grades 3 and higher.

Band: The band program at Saint Mark Lutheran School consists of two bands – the Beginning Band and the Band. Instruments in the school band include the flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone. baritone saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion (drums and mallet instruments).

Students in grades 4 and 5 may enroll in the Beginning Band. The Beginning Band is for students who want to learn to play a band instrument and who want to learn to read music. The students will learn basic playing techniques and how to read music. Students in grades 5-8 who have successfully completed Beginning Band or who can demonstrate their playing ability through a brief audition may enroll in the Band. The students enrolled in the Band learn new playing techniques and work to improve their playing techniques and music reading ability.

Choir and Drama: Students in grades K-6 participate in choir. Musical and dramatic performances are delivered throughout the school year. Christmas programs, Passion plays, chapel plays, and drama vignettes are some of the performances given.