Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from Saint Mark Lutheran School should be able to:


  • Profess Jesus who saves them by grace through faith alone
  • Use the Bible as their primary guide for life
  • Utilize their talents to glorify God and serve others
  • Lead Christian lives through worship and prayer
  • Understand Bible teachings in Luther’s Small Catechism


  • Think critically and logically to make informed decisions
  • Read and comprehend at grade level
  • Express themselves clearly and concisely through the written and spoken language
  • Use computational skills, deductive reasoning and a strong sense of number to solve problems
  • Understand basic geometric relationships; and properly use measuring instruments/calculators
  • Know the geography, history, culture, and current events of Hawaii, the U.S., and the world
  • Apply knowledge of the scientific method
  • Have a basic knowledge of art and music
  • Use a computer proficiently
  • Be an active listener


  • Know and apply the importance of nutrition, fitness, and exercise to their lives
  • Know the basic rules of various sports and games and practice good sportsmanship

Socially and Emotionally

  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Know and practice the importance of respecting oneself, others, and property