Saint Mark Lutheran School extends the love and care of Jesus Christ to all people, while nurturing families and preparing students to integrate faith with life, through quality Christ-centered education.


luther_rose_wood_cutSaint Mark Lutheran School exists as an extension of the ministry of Saint Mark Lutheran Church of Kaneohe, Hawaii. The central purpose of the church and school is to share the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The specific emphasis of Saint Mark Lutheran School is to facilitate the development of the whole child in relation to his/her spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic needs.

Christianity is the heart of the Lutheran school curriculum. Its influence permeates and gives substance to all subject areas taught. Only in keeping with the revealed Truth, God’s Word, can all secular subjects be properly understood and rightly applied.

Teachers and curriculum material will not teach any topics which are contrary to Biblical teachings. While opposing topics may be discussed, they will not be taught as true and feasible if they are contrary to Scriptures. History is truly appreciated only when it is presented as the record of God’s guidance of the affairs of mankind in the building of His eternal Kingdom. The sciences are correctly understood only when they are taught as the unfolding of God’s wonderful creation and preservation. All subjects achieve their highest meaning and purpose only when they are taught from a Christian, biblical perspective.